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You can make payments by credit/debit card and wire transfers via this online service

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LSE use Secure Trading and Western Union Business Solutions to administer online payment transactions through their secure servers. On successful completion of a transaction, you will receive an immediate confirmation onscreen and also receive an email receipt confirmation. Please check the amount (in UK Sterling) below and click "Proceed to payment" to continue. You will be redirected to a Western Union secure server to complete your payment.

Whether paying by bank transfer or card this service provides students the opportunity to secure an exchange rate for your payment.

When selecting to pay by bank transfer this rate is held on your behalf to give you sufficient time to process your payment with your bank. This also ensures that the LSE receive a full and identifiable payment and prevents delays due to underpayment.

Once you have obtained a quote for making a bank transfer that rate is frozen for 72 hours. Consequently you will be prohibited from re-entering the payment pages during that time to obtain an additional quote. Should you wish to amend the amount you wish to pay in this timeframe, you can use the existing quotation details and simply send more/less of your home currency when making the payment and LSE will receive the GBP equivalent.

Additionally if you initially quoted for a bank transfer but will actually be paying with a debit/credit card you will have to wait 72 hours for your quotation to expire before making a card payment in the system.

If you are experiencing any technical issues with the payment portal please email: Please ensure you explain the issue in full providing screenshots where possible. 

Opening hours if contacting by phone: Monday-Friday 10.00-16.30